Deciding on what to wear for an interview is not an easy task, and the difficulty increases ten times if you are a woman. You can go for the usual business suit like men or choose from the women-only options but will they be perfect attire for the interview? Will you be comfortable and relaxed in it?

The key lies in striking a balance between what you should wear to look good and what makes you feel good. To each her own, and that is why it is always a better idea to explore various options and settle on one that defines your personality best. Remember, your outfit must not add to your stress. An interview has enough anxious moments of its own anyway.

Here are 6 made to measure outfits available at Bob’s Boutique to select from that you can consider wearing for that interview you have been looking forward to. Depending on what kind of body you have and what type of attire you would prefer, you should definitely go with the one that boosts your confidence.


One of the most popular formal attires, a suit is undoubtedly a quint essential classic that is preferred by professionals across the globe. Bob’s Boutique offers women’s tailor made suits in three categories namely Premium Fabrics, Stylbiella Fabrics/Wools, and Vitale Barberis Canonico Wools. All three types have various fabric, button, lining, and lapel options and each of them includes a pair of pants or skirt.


custom womens skirts

A formal custom made skirt is always a great idea to wear to an interview or any formal occasion. Not only it gives a significant boost to your confidence but also defines your personality to a great extent. Bob’s Boutique has a wide variety of formal skirts’ range. You can choose from Arles Series, Colmar Series, Lapiz Series, Messina Series, Prato Series, and Salerno Series. Various custom fabric and made to measure skirt options are available with these skirts.


Tailor Made Suit for Women

Jackets are the kind of formal attires that speak volumes about you and can help you greatly in making an impression at an interview. Tailored jackets have a knack of adding a tinge of boldness to your confidence that works positively more than often. Just like suits, Bob’s Boutique offers three different types of jackets – Premium Fabrics, Vitale Barberis Canonico Wools, and Stylbiella Wools. All these jackets have similar custom options available just like the suits.


An overcoat at a formal occasion, whether an interview or a meeting, always means business. It announces to the world that you are not out there just to be a part of the professional community, but you are going to conquer it. Hence, wearing an women’s made to measure overcoat at an interview is always a good idea.

However, there are a couple of catches; the fitting must be perfect otherwise an irregular overcoat can become quite an irritant. Also, an overcoat can be donned only in a specific weather. Bob’s Boutique is soon coming out with a wide range of overcoats for women.


A simple and formal custom tailored shirt is the most basic yet most impressive way to get ready for an interview. For years, it has been the first choice of professionals for various formal events. Donning a decent colored plain shirt to an interview can work. Pair it with a formal skirt or a trouser and you are all set to rock it!


Women Custom Made Jacket

Just like the jackets, blazers add a certain enhancement to your personality. You can wear it over a shirt or a top and you are good to go. Dark and plain colored blazers are preferable to go for an interview as it reflects your seriousness towards the job and your passion to have it.

As an end note, we would still like to emphasize what we said at the outset – choose the attire that makes you feel like it’s your second skin, not something you are carrying around with an effort.